We help clients win through the use of Amplification, Creative, and Technology.

A + C + T

Think about it. The most earth-shattering, game-changing creative is only as good as the media strategy behind it and where it directs the user. If the right people aren’t seeing your message at the right time, or the destination it leads to leaves much to be desired, you’ve missed an opportunity.

With quick pivots and smart strategies we’ll work with you to land on the best possible solution for you and your brand.

It’s also worth noting that when we say results, we mean results. Not overly-exaggerated results. Not kinda-sorta results. Straight up business-goal-achieving results.

Whatever those may be. 😉


No, it's not part of the acronym. Yes, it's part of literally everything we do. Audience insights, competitive analysis, brand positioning, the list goes on. Our plan of action will always be rooted in sound strategy.


From daily placement and performance optimization to innovative local solutions for large national brands, our Comma8 teammates find the most effective ways to bridge the gap between media and execution to drive growth. 


We make things! Things that engage and connect with people. Regardless of the medium, Comma8 crafts creative solutions and stories to showcase your offerings in a way that resonates with audiences.


We rely on human insights to craft technical solutions for humans. Revolutionary! Leveraging deep technical expertise, we create intuitive experiences that simplify complex business challenges while delighting users.