Ideating a connected fitness product for the Pilates modality, we brought a sketch to life in UX and design.

They Said

We need help bringing an idea to life to take the next step in our connected fitness idea.

We Said

Use color, movement, and clean experience design to ensure the user can easily navigate the equipment when in the intensity of a workout, but also quickly find and navigate the hundreds of available wokrouts.


The Skōp Reformer

Skōp is a data analytic Pilates reformer with patented form tracking technology. They use technology to give real-time feedback and recommendations for users at home and quantitative measurements for practitioners, users, and athletes using this for rehabilitation or progress tracking. 


Content Focus

Skōp users can access world-class instructors and choose what they want and need, offering all levels of instruction with speciality programs such as low back rehabilitation and postpartum content.

Real-Time Feedback

You no longer have to wait for the instructor to correct you. Our designs translate Skōp’s advanced technology to ensure you are getting the most efficient and movement-correct workout possible.