Reimagining the EōS lead-to-member and member-to-personal-training sales funnels with custom HubSpot API and data solutions.
EoS 1-4

They Said

We want to reimagine our lead-to-member and member-to-personal training sales funnel – creating tooling to make our field team more efficient, all while ensuring marketing can take full advantage of data in HubSpot.

We Said

Use the HubSpot API to develop new tools that help your fitness consultants work faster and smarter – all while ensuring data flows from ABC Financial into HubSpot for quick action and custom workflow automation(s).

The "Dashboard"

By combining ABC Financial and HubSpot Data through API development, we could deliver custom calendars, task management, bulk SMS, and other previously impossible solutions optimized for their sales team(s). 


Actionable Data Schema

Through HubSpot Deals and Custom Behavioral events, we were able to trigger automation and provide a more personalized outreach experience with the associated metadata of a user. On the personal training side, a system of record had yet to be applied to map and automate this process, ultimately leading to significantly greater operational processes.